Our Paris Honeymoon

Wonderment Project - Photo Tour: Paris France

In only 4 very short days I think I am in love. Paris has everything, history, culture, food, Chanel. We made Paris the focus of our honeymoon to France – and why not? It is after all the city of love.

Our adventure in Paris began with an introductory walk from our hotel near the Opera down to the Place de Concorde. I giddy with excitement stepping on to the pavement of the city I have long dreamed of visiting, hubby walking with less enthusiasm as he often visited Paris as a younger him, took pictures at every turn.

We took a ride on the Roue de Paris to get a bird’s eye view of the city. Did I mention I am deathly afraid of heights? Hence, no pictures as I grasped the railing of our Ferris wheel cart for dear life. I did shove camera into hubby’s hands and made him solely responsible for all pictures during that 15 minutes death defying ride. The pictures did not turn out very well but I still love my hubby.


Wonderment Project - Place de Concorde
Place de Concorde


On our second day, We visited the most famous lady in the world, the Mona Lisa who calls the Louvre her home. I think we were lucky as we purchased tickets online that morning and printed them at our hotel. When we arrived at the Louvre we went straight to the entrance line bypassing the thousands of guests waiting to buy tickets. Major time saving tip: buy your tickets in advance!

Wonderment Project - Louvre
The pyramids of the Louvre


Wonderment Project - Discovering the city of lights, Paris
Rue de Rivoli


That evening, we took a tour of Paris. It was the best $47 euros spent. We got first access to the Eiffel Tower’s elevators to catch a glimpse of Paris as the sun set. We took a boat ride on the Seine River. Our bus went through all the famous districts of Paris.

Wonderment Project - Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower


Wonderment Project - Discovering the city of lights, Paris
Paris at sunset from the Eiffel Tower
Wonderment Project - streets of Paris
Beautiful side streets of Paris

By day 3, We wanted to feel more like locals and wandered through the side streets of Paris, shopped at where the locals shopped and of course ate too many pastries.


Wonderment Project - Shakespeare and Company
Shakespeare and Company an independent bookstore specializing in English literature


Wonderment Project - Notre Dame
Notre Dame in Paris


Wonderment Project - Bonjour Paris! Discovering the city of lights
Bonjour Paris


We ended our Paris trip with a visit to the Palace of Versailles. You can check out that post here.

What are some of your favourite memories of Paris?

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