Santa Barbara in 24 Hours

Wonderment Project - Santa Barbara California

Part of the fun of a road trip is being able to discover new places and driving at your leisure. We did just that during the Christmas holiday season driving up the California coast from San Diego. We got as far North as Santa Barbara before we headed back south.

We arrived at Santa Barbara before sunset and caught a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean before the skies became dark.

Wonderment Project - Santa Barbara California

A cute farmers market was set up along State Street (their downtown) and we were able to walk the entire market before it closed.

For dinner it was at a little Indian restaurant on State Street that looked like it kept the decor of the previous owner (Mexican restaurant). We ventured through the mazes of brand name stores decorating State Street afterwards to work off our meal.

We booked a little inn next to the ocean for the evening. It was a great idea at first but in hindsight it was a terrible idea. By 2 in the morning we were freezing in our bed. That entire night, we huddled close to each other for warmth. As uncomfortable as it was however, I think we secretly enjoyed the cuddling and camping adventure we had.

Wonderment Project - Santa Barbara California

The next morning, we grabbed a quick continental breakfast provided by the inn before walking to the beach for an early morning stroll along with water.

We made a point to stop at the Santa Barbara Mission before our long drive south towards Newport Beach.

Wonderment Project - Santa Barbara California

It was an extremely short visit. What I loved most about Santa Barbara was the Mediterranean inspired white homes with the red tiled roofs.




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