Beautiful Lyon France

Wonderment Project - Photo Tour: Lyon France

Lyon is often overlooked compared to her sister Paris, but this city is just as nice and probably more livable than Paris. Lyon is divided into districts by the Rhone River. The most ancient part of Lyon, once inhabited by the Romans lies in the centre. As you move further away from the centre, the […]

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Our Paris Honeymoon

Wonderment Project - Photo Tour: Paris France

In only 4 very short days I think I am in love. Paris has everything, history, culture, food, Chanel. We made Paris the focus of our honeymoon to France – and why not? It is after all the city of love. Our adventure in Paris began with an introductory walk from our hotel near the Opera down […]

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Photo Tour: Nice France

Wonderment Project - Photo Tour: Nice France

The French Riviera is probably one of the most beautiful and laid back places of the world. When I think French Riviera, I think Cannes Film Festival, movie stars, glitz and glam. Nice was part of the 3 cities we visited for our honeymoon. It can be reached easily by air, train or car. We took the […]

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An Afternoon At The Palace of Versailles

Wonderment Project - Photo Tour: Palace of Versailles

When you go to Paris, you need to visit the Palace of Versailles. Versailles lies on the outskirts of Paris and is a convenient train ride on the Paris RER. We visited the Palace of Versailles one morning during a 4-day honeymoon stop in Paris. After a hearty breakfast of croissant, yogurt parfaits and coffee we set […]

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