Photo Tour: New England Cruise

Wonderment Project - Photo Tour: New England Cruise

A cruise is probably the easiest and most laid-back vacation. Pick your date, pick your itinerary, get yourself to the port and you’re pretty much set. There’s no fuss about where to eat, where to go, things to do. Last year, I was bit by the cruise bug. My family and I embarked on a 9-night […]

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Photo Tour: Cairo Egypt

Wonderment Project - Photo Tour Cairo Egypt

Today, I wanted to share pictures from my trip to Cairo just a over a year ago. I must admit I was a little apprehensive about this trip given the political climate that you hear about on the news. That quickly faded away when I saw what the city had to offer. Cairo is absolutely […]

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Photo Tour: New York City

Wonderment Project - Photo Tour: New York City

There’s no other city as vibrant and lively as New York City, that’s why in the span of just 2 years I have visited NYC 3 times. In July 2014 I made my very first trip to New York followed by another visit June 2015 and again November of 2015. In any season, New York has […]

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Beautiful Lyon France

Wonderment Project - Photo Tour: Lyon France

Lyon is often overlooked compared to her sister Paris, but this city is just as nice and probably more livable than Paris. Lyon is divided into districts by the Rhone River. The most ancient part of Lyon, once inhabited by the Romans lies in the centre. As you move further away from the centre, the […]

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Our Paris Honeymoon

Wonderment Project - Photo Tour: Paris France

In only 4 very short days I think I am in love. Paris has everything, history, culture, food, Chanel. We made Paris the focus of our honeymoon to France – and why not? It is after all the city of love. Our adventure in Paris began with an introductory walk from our hotel near the Opera down […]

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